List of participants

І. Churches and religious organizations: 

1. Orthodox Church of Ukraine

2. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

3. Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine

4. All-Ukrainian Union of the Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

5. Ukrainian Pentecostal Church

6. Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine

7. Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church

8. Ukrainian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church

9. Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine

10. Ukrainian Lutheran Church

11. Ukrainian Free Church

12. Ukrainian Bible Society

13. Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine

14. Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea

15. Umma Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine

16. Brotherhood of Independent Churches and Mission Evangelical Baptist Christians of Ukraine

17. Center of Independent Charismatic Christian Churches of Ukraine (Full Gospel)

18. German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine

19. Religious association of communities of progressive Judaism of Ukraine

20. Association of Missionary Churches of Evangelical Christians of Ukraine

21. Ukrainian Missionary Church

22. Good News God’s Church in Slavyansk

23. Missionary Union of Evangelical Communities of Ukraine

24. Victory Center of Christian Evangelical Churches of Ukraine

25. Mission Eurasia

ІІ. Human rights defending and non-governmental organizations:

1. Center for Civil Liberties

2. Institute for Religious Freedom

3. Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

4. Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

5. Institute of Geopolitical Dimension

6. Zmina Center for Human Rights

7. Eleos-Ukraine NGO

8. International charitable foundation Caritas Ukraine

9. National Minority Rights Monitoring Group

10. Christian Lawyers Association of Ukraine

11. Crimea SOS

12. Crimean Human Rights Group

13. Regional Center for Human Rights

14. Ukrainian Institute for Human Rights

15. Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives

16. Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners of the Kremlin

17. Hushai Association of Christian Lawyers NGO

18. Christian Rescue Service NGO

19. Dignity Space Ukrainian Centre for Non-Violent Communication and Reconciliation

20. Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies

21. Institute of State and Church

22. Nestor Center NGO

23. Community of St. Egidius in Kyiv

24. Center for Public Health Advocacy

25. Institute for Christian Democracy