Goals and Principles

Our Goal

The goal of the Religious Freedom Roundtable in Ukraine is to create free and safe space for the exchange of views and joint decision-making to assert the religious freedom and development of peace, prevent manifestations of radical ideologies and extremism, promote sustainable peace and security by means of detecting and focusing on issues of joint interest and those the participants agree on.

Operating Principles

The Religious Freedom Roundtable in Ukraine is intended to be an informal platform for the building of regular dialogue and cooperation between representatives of various denominations, human rights, and other non-governmental organizations which share the value of religious freedom, involving academics, experts, and officials of relevant central and local government bodies therein.

Taking into account the overall goal, the participants of the Roundtable are invited to the dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality searching for opportunities for interaction for general public benefit and justice which is based on respect for human dignity.

The Roundtable is intended to be an example of civil liability and self-organization where each participant has an equal opportunity to take part in the dialogue process: express themselves, prepare thematic public initiatives, share experiences and opinions, discuss and offer other participants to support the initiatives.

The practical outcome of the Roundtable will be the establishment of long-term relations between representatives of religious, human rights and other non-governmental organizations, the promotion of mutual understanding, respect, and trust, the appearance of practical initiatives for the development of conscious citizenship regardless of possible differences of views and opinions.

Regularly, the Roundtable organizes discussions of current public issues, coordinates the dialogue and cooperation of various institutions of the civil society. By agreement of the participants of the Roundtable, the Moderator acts as a facilitator; the Secretariat is in charge of organizational support.